Sending Files to EnvisionInk

Use Our Web Upload Page

The Web upload page allows you to upload single or multiple files from your Web browser. You can send up to 60MB of files at one time. Files totaling over 60MB can be sent in separate sessions as long as no single file is over the 60MB limit. Please compress your files (Stuff or ZIP) to ensure that your files reach us uncorrupted.

To access the WEB upload page, go to: and use the Upload Files login area on the lower right side of the page.

At the login prompt enter:
User name: sendfiles
Password: envision

After you enter some basic information about you and your files, you will see a screen that allows you to select the file or files to be uploaded. After your files are successfully uploaded, our sales and customer service staff will receive an email with your file information and message.

Send Us Your Files by FTP

The most reliable method for sending large files is ftp. Single files of 100MB or more can be sent via ftp. The information below is for our general account. If you have a consistent need to sent files or a need to receive large files from EnvisionInk, we can setup a personal account for you. Contact your sales or customer service person and they can assist you in setting up an account.

You will need to have a ftp client program to send files via ftp. Many Web browsers will often not work correctly with an ftp server. There are a number of great low cost or no cost ftp client programs available for Macintosh and Windows.



To connect to our ftp server enter the following information into your ftp client:
username: guest
password: guest

After you have uploaded files, please notify your sales or customer service person with information about your files.

Send Files as E-mail Attachments

Files under 12MB in size can be sent as e-mail attachments. It is best if you compress your files (Stuff or ZIP) to ensure that your files reach us uncorrupted. Single pdf files can be left uncompressed. E-mails can be addressed to your salesperson. We will respond to confirm that we have received your files.

Ship Us Files

If you have very large files, or a slow Internet connection, it may be best to send them on disk. EnvisionInk excepts CDs and DVDs. When sending computer media through the mail, please make sure the contents are packaged correctly. Make sure you have included a CD case and enclose contents inside a padded envelope so we receive the information undamaged.

Send to:
908 E Main St.
Winneconne, WI 54986

EnvisionInk Pick up

In much of the Fox Valley area, EnvisionInk can pick up your files. We currently accept CDs, DVDs, and USB flash drives. To arrange to have files picked up, call us at 920-582-4541. We will make arrangements and let you know when the driver will stop by.

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